I HAVE A COMPUTER and I got hit in the face with a dragonfly.

This is a big day for me. HUGE even. I have been writing off and on about my first weekend excrusion alone, but I just had to mark this day down in history, this post had to come first! (The other will soon follow because.. now I have a computer and a keyboard. I missed having my very own keyboard.) I am the proud owner of a new Asus Vivobook. Proud is a strong word, but I’ll go with it. I essentially know nothing about computers so that statement holds no value. I think it’ll do the trick. It turns on, has wireless capabilities, a keyboard, and an HDMI port so I can hook this baby up to the TV for optimal movie watching. I have been using Dan’s computer, but it’s hard spilting one computer with someone who claims they need it more than me for something more important than my blogging, something like teaching children. Who does he think he is needing to use his own computer? Anyway, that problem is solved and I can write with more frequency now. Only problem is my entire Word App is in Thai.. So, there’s that. Awkward.

There’s so much to update everyone on. Like getting hit in the face with a dragonfly. and black snow falling soot stuff. and food poisoning. Okay, I won’t update you on the last one, but I had it and it was awful.

Moving on.  

No moped can slow me down now. I got my first fall over with within my first two weeks in Kamphaengphet. (Yes, I withheld this information on purpose. Yes, I hurt myself. I am a better driver for it and it’s been long enough that I feel I can talk about it casually.)

The accident and my first Thailand Tattoo:

It was a cloudy day. Seemed like it should rain, but it wasn’t so I put on my crisp, white, lace shorts and a grey tee to go get lunch. I put my black bag over my shoulder and luckily got the bike started. I think I had about a half hr or so before I had to get Dan. (I had mentally pep talked myself into eating out by myself for twenty minutes prior.) I was up for some veggies and thought I’d go to the Vegatalion resturant, where they sell “healthy food and vegetables.” No, no. No typo there. I’m a vegatalion nowadays. I remember feeling confident and then not so much as I toppled over on a turn in the middle of a major road. I slid a bit under the bike and will thank god EVERYDAY I was wearing a helmet because I hit my head on the road as a fell. Strangely, cars just kept right on passing me by. Some slowed down and three mopeds even stopped down the street to look at me, but no one stopped to help me drag the bike out of the road. All bloodied up, I had to get the bike upright and get my brain to remember to get the bike out of fourth gear and into neutral to turn it off or it would keep trying to skid away from me. I finally got it over to the side and was able to get it started again. The three moped watchers continued their watching as a drove by. I headed over to Dan’s school and luckily, ran into his teacher friend who directed me to the nurse. They cleaned me, rubbing alcoholed me, and iodined me then added a few bandages. My right leg took most of the damage and I have a nice scar, or Thailand tattoo, as a souviner. I stole this term from a guy Dan and I met in Chaing Mai at Team Quest. He told me everyone has them. And one of Dan’s colleagues told me every Thai has had atleast one accident. I feel better. Hence my ability to now share with all of you that I have fallen off of the motorbike, but it has only made me stronger. 😉

Oh, you’re stuck on the little tidbit I threw in there about Chaing Mai? And what’s a Team Quest (for those of you not Mauy Thai gym saavy)? See! I have so much to update. And now, with my Thai/English keyboard, I have the chance to.

But, that’s a post for a later time. This is just a quick message about the computer, a dragonfly, and soot.

I, since falling, have only gotten better with the devil’s transportation. It may only take me ten minutes to start the bike now and have only needed help once in the last two weeks. I’d say that’s an improvement from twenty minutes, kicking it, crying, and going back inside the apartment to calm down before trying again. I won’t let a motorbike defeat me anymore! But, I still prefer to let Dan do the starting and driving, while I chill out on the back. Dan seems to prefer this, too. Something about being scared of the way I drive. I see no problem. The red lights are optional, right? The Thai’s think so and I’m just trying to assimilate.

Yesterday, Dan took the reins and drove to Big C, the super complex that has a grocery store, movie theater, some restaurants and shops. As we’re driving, I’m dazing out just looking around and turn just in time to see Dan slip to the left.



Soot in the face.

No warning. Just hit directly in the face. Thanks, babe. 

So, I’m hit in the face with the soot stuff and we go on about our afternoon. Seemingly irrelevant point. So what, Jill..you got hit in face, get a better boyfriend who warns you and move on. (Just kidding, Dan) But we get home and take a look around after hoping off the motorbike, this stuff was falling from the sky like snow. It looked apocolyptic. Imagine black snow gently falling from the sky in complete silence. Creepy. Like Silent Hill creepy. A old man was planting near our gate and must have noticed our anxious, curious look because he wandered over and asked us if we were locked out. Okay. He asked us if we couldn’t get into the apartment.. black snow soot stuff must be a pretty common occurance then. Dan pointed to the sky and then to the soot on the ground. In an alphabet soup of Thai and English sprinkled with charades, he succussfully managed to convey that farmers, every few months after chopping crops down, push together some left over plant stuffs and set it on fire. Dan made a pretty good point, this fire must be MASSIVE in order for the sky to delicatly rain soot. Following Dan’s good point, he had a brillant idea. Great day for Dan. 😉 He suggested finding the fire, grabbing a bottle of Thai whiskey, and watching the show. Not a bad plan. If we do find the source, you can be sure I’ll post pictures so ya’ll can enjoy with us even if you’re not with us.

Last little update on the list before I get ready to delve into the good stuff later on, dragonflies hurt.
Especially, when they hit you in the face while you’re on a motorbike. The thing, like the soft soot, came out of no where and SMACK, right in the face. If you are so inclinded to start the moped trend in the states, I think I would now reccomend a helmet with a face shield. I feel like there was more I wanted to comment on with the drangonfly episode, but I can’t recall and it’s time to down some peanut butter and a banana before training.

Any tips on changing over the language in Word, please shoot me a message.

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