If your dreams don’t scare you

they aren’t big enough.

I’ve been struggling with this idea for a long time. Yes, I completely agree with it. But, um- it is terrifying to me to admit my goals, my dreams, out loud. They’re safe inside my head plotting along, alive, without anyone else’s thoughts or opinions. I feel like I always assume the worst. That my dream or goal is silly or stupid or unattainable, too wild, too crazy. I’m coming to realize that sharing my dream is a necessary sky dive. In order to even have a chance at what could be the most amazing experience of my life, I have to jump. From talking and listening to others, this is what I’ve worked out.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

We’ve all heard this statement. We’ve seen it posted on Instagram in bold letters with some cliché picture behind it intended to motivate you. It’s a statement we think about, agree with, post somewhere and then… forget about.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

Well, first off. What is your dream? Is it a board concept- to be healthy, to be proud, to be successful, or a specific goal- to be a doctor, a trainer, a shoe salesman. Often times we see these cliché quotes and think, AH HA yes- so true, I want my dreams to be SO BIG and SO AMAZING, but we forget to really nail down what exactly it is we want. We put it up on a wall and stare at it blankly.

And then there’s this whole other part that I think is, not necessarily forgotten, but seen as a separate idea, something else we have to work on in order to live our lives happily when really the two ideas belong together, they coincide –
Surround yourself with people who dream bigger than you do, the do-ers in society, the believers. Surround yourself with those who chase after what they want with vigor and excitement. These are not people who are 100% happy, go-lucky, “life is a fairytale if you want it to be” people. These are the people who are grinding every day to make their dreams reality. They accept that ideas and beliefs aren’t always sedentary. They accept that their goals or concepts are dynamic, they might change because they know that they too are constantly changing and adapting to life’s every turn. They see struggle as a sign that they need to push further, do more, believe stronger. They see success as motivation to keep on going.

And I think it’s important to remember to learn, to never stop questioning. Be curious with the world- taste conviction, feel determination, look for possibilities, breathe in inspiration, hear the whispers of new discoveries around you.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

Damn right, your dreams should scare you. They should push you, mold you, shape who you are. You should feel a fire to live every single day in pursuit of your dreams. Because you should want it. And because you never know who may be looking to you for the spark.


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