What I am thankful for

I am a lucky girl. I have had so many amazing experiences and opportunities I never dreamed I would be able to pursue. I owe it all to my family. So this year and every year, I am thankful so very thankful for them. But this year in particular, I am not only thankful for […]

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Phuket Bound

I just officially booked my trip to Phuket for my October break. WOOHOO! I am so excited to be training at Sinbi Muay Thai for 2 weeks and 3 days. This will be my first time training at a camp for more than a few days. Dan will be heading to Koh Lanta to train […]

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Fight Number 2

    This was a rough 4 weeks or so. I bounced back and forth between having confidence to wondering whether or not I should even fight. I started training again after maybe 2 weeks off; from crazy travels to being sick, I needed the time. Getting back into it wasn’t difficult, but getting myself […]

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