Boxing Boys

Boxing Boys I’m chasing ghosts Every time I run. I see them right next to me Or in front of me. Pushing me to go further with their warmth and quiet strength. It’s hot. Sweat runs from my pores gasping for water. The big, bright incubator in the sky is cranking itself up as high […]

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What I am thankful for

I am a lucky girl. I have had so many amazing experiences and opportunities I never dreamed I would be able to pursue. I owe it all to my family. So this year and every year, I am thankful so very thankful for them. But this year in particular, I am not only thankful for […]

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Phuket Bound

I just officially booked my trip to Phuket for my October break. WOOHOO! I am so excited to be training at Sinbi Muay Thai for 2 weeks and 3 days. This will be my first time training at a camp for more than a few days. Dan will be heading to Koh Lanta to train […]

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